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About Rowafil

Rowafil Manufacturing is a 100% division of iClean Carwash Technologies BV, located in the same premises in Venray - The Netherlands. Our roots go back almost 100 years: the bases of the company was founded in 1919 in Rotterdam - The Netherlands.

Late 90’s Rowafil joined the holding and started to work on it’s international network to become the leading company on full biological waste water reclaim of mainly carwash waste water. In our new state of the art facility, opened in 2006, we have everything under one roof.

Our iClean company has 50 years of experience in car washing and dealing with water and waste water in particular. We offer already several decades our famous stainless steel products for export over the whole world. Products like the Dog Wash, the iLED Entrance Arch and our Inotec Self Wash Bays are relatively new and as from today we also offer water treatment like softeners and reversed osmosis systems.


We truly can say: "We care for water".

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