Velowash SW 10.2

The Velowash SW10.2 is an automated wash tunnel, especially for mountain bikes. Under medium pressure the bikes gets cleaned so they are free of mud. The Velowash uses no chemicals and no brushes, the bike will be optically clean.

The bike is placed backwards on the transit gutter and when you press the start button the fork will take the saddle automatically through the Velowash. Inside there are placed spray tubes with 2 x 3 nozzles at different angles, giving a maximum cleaning effect on the bike. The water pressure is around 50 bar.

The wash stops automatically when the bike gets out at the other side, the bike is now standing ready in the wheel-collector to be removed from the gutter. The cleaning process takes,depending on the program, about 10 seconds.

After the bike is taken of the wash system, the saddle-fork will go back in 2 seconds to the starting position and a new dirty bike can be put on.



Scope of delivery


  • 304 stainless steel construction with blue PVC panels. Lockable cabinet on top in stainless steel.
  • Front and back of the Velo wash can be closed during transport.
  • Medium pump working at 50 bar. Power consumption <3 kW.
  • Control cabinet with PLC and wash counter.
  • Complete with 20 meter 230V power line, 20 meters water hose and 5 meters of drain piping.
  • Trailer manufactured by Henra. Independent suspension and braked axle for 750 kg. Frame size 208 x 100 cm. Entire frame galvanized. Meets the traffic regulations.

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Brand: Rowafil Velowash
Type: Velowash SW10.2
Capacity: 200 bikes/hour
Construction: All stainless steel 
Power consumption: 3 kW, 1x230V
Weight incl trailer: 610 kg
Dimension: (closed, incl trailer) 4000 x 1500 x 2200H mm
  Medium pressure CAT pump
  2 x 3 nozzles
  10-15 seconds wash cycle (3 programs)
  Automatic mountainbike transport system

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Velowash video

You can also RENT the unique Velowash for an event in a weekend!

on a Friday you can pick the Velowash up in Venray, you will also get a short instruction;
- the Monday after you bring it back in a clean condition;
- total cost all-in is € 495,00 for one weekend.

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