Dog Wash Building

When there is little room available in a building we can offer this solution: Dog Wash Building. This building is constructed from aluminum frames that are also used for housing, so solid and especially durable quality.

The roof is of a dome shape and is made from polycarbonate plate, opal colored and is 10 mm thick.

The transparent walls are made of very clear 4 mm acryl plate, we do not use glass for safety. Standard, the building is equipped with a sliding door that can be placed at any desired place in the building. At the top of one side we mount 2 58 Watt each fluorescent fixtures with motion sensor.

The dimensions are 3.000 x 2.000 x 2.500H mm. The Dog Wash is placed in the middle against a side of 3.000 mm long. The Dog Wash itself has the following dimensions: 2.020 x 560 x 1.840H mm.

Delivery does not include a concrete slab with water supply / electricity and drainage. Delivery takes place in 5 preassembled parts: 4 walls and 1 roof. They easily hook into each other.


  • Electric wall convector 2000 Watt with thermostat
  • Lock in sliding door
  • Extra sliding door
  • 3 meter gutter and rain water drain to pavement
  • Sliding grate in short side
  • 4 in-ground pillars for corners
  • One side wall of 3000 x 2000 mm less, open side
  • One side wall of 2000 x 2000 mm less, open front/back

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